My Leadership: The Seven Habits Profile

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After completing the Seven Habits Profile, it helped me discover my strong traits as well as some traits I need improvement on to help me become a well-rounded leader. In the Seven Habits Profile I had to answer statements from nine categories. I will be discussing my top three categories (Emotional Bank Account, Think Win Win, and Synergize) as well as my bottom three (Life Balance, Seek First to Understand, and Sharpen the Saw). The first category I will be discussing is the Emotional Bank Account. What is an Emotional Bank Account? “It is a metaphor for the amount of trust that exist in relationships – personal and professional (Evoke Potential, 2012). From reviewing my results, it shows this is a strong suit for me. One of the statements in this category was “I keep promises and honor commitments.” I answered it with…show more content…
Synergy is the act of working together to achieve a goal. On certain task, it is easier to work as a group than individually. I promote collaboration. It allows me to see things from others point of view. Some people’s perspectives can enlighten me on how to achieve a task in a more efficient way than how I was previously completing it. As the organization I work for develops, it allows me to be able to suggest ideas to issues that arise. I am able to converse with the supervisors to see if the idea will benefit the department. Now I am about to discuss my bottom three categories from the Seven Habits Profile. The first category is Life Balance. Before I completed the Seven Habits Profile I knew I had an issue with this. I had a difficult time balancing my work, school, and social life. I tend to focus more on work and school than I do other things. I put so much effort into those things that when I have time to do things for myself I end up resting the whole day. Sometimes I end up burning myself out. I try to please everyone else, I frequently forget about
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