Seven Habits Profile : An Evaluation Of My Personal Leadership Style

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Seven Habits Profile: An Evaluation of my Personal Leadership Style I have always thought of myself as a strong, motivated leader, and based on the results of my seven habits profile I can confirm that there will always be room to grow. There are areas of the seven habits profile in which I thought I excelled, but in reality those are the areas that I need to develop the most. I have always seemed to complete whatever task I may have had in mind, and was always successful in the path that I had taken to get there. When I take time to reflect on the results of my seven habits profile, I notice that I don’t tend to begin with the end in mind. I usually jump in headfirst and worry about the end when I get close to the finish. I feel like I am able to accomplish the most when I am working in total crisis mode, and fail to utilize any time to plan my week with a clear idea of what I desire to accomplish. Failing to have a plan seems to cause me to overthink things, and I stress on minor details that could have been avoided with even the simplest of plans. Even though I am able to complete the tasks in which I need to accomplish, I am more thankful that I have finished and to exhausted to feel accomplished. As a leader, I tent to neglect the feelings of others around me, and instead focus on what it is I think is best for the organization in which I am leading. It is hard for me to sympathize as a leader with those who allow their emotions to cloud their judgment. Everyone has
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