My Learning Experience

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Learning something new can be scary. One of the hardest things I had to deal with, was losing my biggest motivator. It didn’t take me a lot to be motivated, but having my aunt and seeing how successful she was made me want to do better. Coping with my aunt’s death caused me to lose hope for a while. I figured if it happened to someone as smart and head strong like my aunt, it could easily happen to me. So, I had to learn how to motivate myself to keep going after I lost her. Success is a big part of my life. So, learning to keep going was tough. Losing my aunt helped me realize life is short and to keep going no matter what. Losing my aunt helped me to learn to realize life is to short. You should learn to live in the moment. When I lost my aunt, I didn’t come out the house for two months. I didn’t want to talk to anybody I didn’t want to do anything I just wanted to be left alone. After a while I had to learn that I can’t go on living life sad all the time. So instead one day I told my mom “I’m ready to conquer my goals and dreams now.” Later, that day I went on about my day as usual. I interacted I went to my practices and games and smiled all day. My mom asked me what made today different? I told her “I prayed on it God told me to keep fighting, keep dreaming and keeping going.” It wasn’t easy. I had to get out of my funk but I knew that God and my aunt wanted me to do better for myself. I woke up every day and wrote out a little goal list, even if it was the littlest
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