My Educational Experience

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My overall experience from Pre- K to high school was good. Although experience with school did not start off on a good foot. I hated school as a child. Anytime my mom would drop me off to school, I would cry for an hour. In fact, I did not stop crying when my mom would leave me at school until I reached the second grade. School always made me feel anxious, no matter how many friends I made nor how many teachers I liked. Although the anxiety has not gone away, I have learned how to deal with it. My anxiety was caused by my kindergarten teacher. I could never understand the fact that she chose a career in teaching, but disliked children and lacked the patience to deal with them. I remember her class involving her yelling at the class and giving assignments I did not understand. Although I was five years old at the time, I remember her never taking the time to individually work with a student who was struggling with the material. In her class, either you understood it or you struggled until she taught the next topic. I constantly struggled because I was the student that never grasp the material Unfortunately, that was my experience with every teacher I had, until I reached the third grade. I will never forget my third grade teacher. She is the main reason I began to excel in school. My grades began to improve. I did not receive any more possible hold over notices since I took her class. Partially, because she took the time to get to know all of her students. She also added

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