My Learning Patterns

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There is one person that I confide in the most, and that would be my husband. I would say that his learning patterns compliment my learning patterns well. There are rarely any disagreements between us and we always seem to figure things out together.

My LCI Scores: Sequence-27, Precise-20, Technical Reasoning-24, Confluence-18

Sequence My husband uses the sequence pattern on a first use basis. He demonstrates this when he plans a vacation for the family. Since we have been going to Disney World with the kids, he plans each day from what parks we visit, the rides we get fast passes for, the times we eat and where we eat. He strategically will look at the park hours and how we can get the most out of the park. He enjoys
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He has his “man cave” and everything has its place in the room. If I clean the room and don’t put things back the way they were he notices right away. This could be from a picture on the wall not being straight or from one of his sports memorabilia not where he had it on the shelf.

My solution to this is that he cleans the room then since he’s so picky. This is what works for us when he doesn’t like how I do something a certain way I just tell him then he can do it. Then there is no fuss as to how his things were not in the right place, and then I don't feel unappreciated.

Technical Reasoning

I would say that my husband uses technical reasoning on an as needed basis. An example of this was when he was putting in our wood floors with his friends and was very proud as to what he had accomplished when I had gotten home from work. Although what he had done looked great I couldn’t understand why we had so much scrap. One I watched then lay a few pieces I understood why. They had forgotten to use the scrap piece at the end to begin the next row.

This is an example where we complimented each other’s learning pattern even though I also use technical reasoning as needed. I was able to come in and provide a solution to the puzzle as to why we had so much scrap pieces.
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