My Legacy Of The Car Essay

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Boundaries are infinite, and yet they are meant to be surpassed. Each and every one of us comes from a different past; we all face different boundaries that restrict us from achieving what we want in life. I digress due to slow starts, but feeling destined for greatness drives me to exceed the expectations from society; being a poster child of a kid who would never amount to anything. Being that child from a family that was broken due to drugs, rape, mental issues, and alcohol, dealing with the military life with social anxiety, and being left with nothing. I continue to progress. I continue to chase my destiny, my legacy for greatness.

The car was running as we were traveling to a part of town the six-year-old me was not too familiar with. There was this song soft rock playing that I remember my father singing while tears poured down his face. We arrived to a police station, and both me and my sister had no idea what was going on. She was only a year older than me, so she too was unclear about what was unfolding. My father exclaimed that he was leaving us there just for a few moments so that he could grab some Burger King. “The nice police officers could watch you guys while I 'm out.” Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into years, and I am yet to see my father again still to this day. But this was not the beginning The six-year-old me was ready for this. How you might ask? How could a six year old be prepared to lose their father and be dragged off to a foster care

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