Essay on Automobiles in the 1950s

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Automobiles in the 1950s Another element that was present in the 1950’s was automobiles. Automobiles were something that everyone once dreamed of owning. Now after the war. they could finally own one. Automobiles of the 1940’s were dull and very plain. This was because designers were too busy designing tanks, planes, etc... for the ongoing war. The major event that took place that changed the way cars looked and how they performed happened on October 14, 1947. This was when Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. From this point on everyone wanted to go faster.

People wanted automobiles with larger displacement engines. They also wanted sleek and aerodynamic cars. This prompted General Motors Corporation to hold …show more content…

The caddy tail fins continued to grow until they reached there height in 1959 when they were almost as tail as the car itself.

As the number of automobiles increased so did the number of road trips that people were going on. All of the traveling motorists needed places to stay. This brought about the development of the motel. Motel combines the words “motorist” and “hotel”. By the mid 1950’s the smaller quaint motor lodges of the 30’s and 40’s no longer could compete with rising motel corporations like Howard Johnson or Best Western. These corporations designed their motels to be comfortable and practical for those staying in them. They also built them with a standard design. The catchy facades of the older motels were no longer attracting the customers. Motels also started franchising and referral chains. A referral chain would consist of several motels that form a union and refer customers to the other hotels in the union. Some large franchises that started in the 1950’s were Super 8 and Holiday Inn. These franchises soon spread out all over the country and put the smaller “mom and pop” motels out of business. With the number of road trips increasing the destinations that they were traveling to were also bringing in more people.

These destinations included national parks, family camps, wilderness areas such as the beach and the mountains, and to large cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Remote

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