My Letter : My Life

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I’ve just gotten off the phone with my Grandmother, “Mom mom” I call her. We had a two hour long conversation, ranging from her commentary on horrendous cafeteria food to truly validating statements of my overwhelming emotions. My Grandmom raised me, thus we’ve experienced a lot together. She is possibly the only person who can wholeheartedly understand me; she’s crucial to my identity. On the phone she stammered, “From the beginning of your existence…Jeffrey, your life has not been normal.” Towards a lot of my sentiments, I feel almost guilty. How dare I feel this way, as if it is unjustified, baseless, without any provoking factors. But my Grandmom’s words were reassuring, that the way that I feel is perfectly reasonable, if anything, it’s expected. With her words comes innumerable courage, a protective hand cupping my trembling wrist, a message unknowingly preparing me to tell my story. She asked me if being transgender was the root of my inner turmoil, I explained to her that I’m still deciphering through each piece of sadness, trying to see where everything stems from. With such twisted fate, I unfortunately have a handful of ailments, which muddy together and, in my head, become one. I don’t know where pain begins and ends, it makes it difficult aiding anything. Tomorrow I cannot simply wakeup cisgender and revel in the contrasts to the day before—I do not know what it’s like to not be trans, can I truly understand the impact it makes on my wellbeing if it is the only

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