What´s Gender Dysphoria?

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Regardless if someone agrees or disagrees with what someone does with their life, most people understand that life is precious no matter what. One controversial issue that appears in many people’s life is gender dysphoria, which is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as, “involve[ing] a conflict between a person's physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify” (“What Is Gender Dysphoria?”). In some individual’s opinion, the solution for gender dysphoria, which is when individuals transition to the gender they identify as, should not exist. People going or wanting to go through this transition identify as transgender, shortened as trans. Regardless if people agree or disagree with the transition, the…show more content…
Too many individuals would oppose making health care more inclusive because many people already dislike Obamacare. Because there is a lot of opposition to reducing Obamacare, it is very unlikely that a policy to expand health care inclusivity would survive long. Out of the two remaining policies, it is doubtful that LGBTQ training would make much of a difference. The reason that this is doubtful is because families that are creating a toxic environment for an individual often times are not interested in accepting that individual. If they were willing and wanting to accept them, they would not be creating the toxic environment in the first place. Additionally, many individuals would not be willing to give up their time to go to a training session, especially, if they did not approve of their family member. The only families who would go to these sessions are ones who are accepting but do not have a clear understanding, not the ones who are creating the environment that push transgender individuals to suicide. The final solution has the best ability to be passed and the best ability to decrease the suicide rate for trans people. Creating shelters for LGBTQ youth does not require any policy changes that policymakers disagree with, it merely creates a safe space for individuals to find relief. Additionally, it will decrease suicide rates since individuals without a home may stay there, individuals whose home is negatively impacting their mental health can have a safe space, and it could have resources—counselors, advocates, or even contacts— to help individuals address issues. Shelters provide a multitude of ways to help transgender people to receive aid through some of the most difficult times of their
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