My Life At The Market

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When we arrived at the market it was blistering hot. I had on a blue and white tank top, some rugged shorts, and some flip-flops. My family and I decided they wanted to go shopping; my family consisted of my cousin, grandma, my mom, and me. My aunt’s birthday was coming up and my cousin, wanted to get her something nice.
“I think I should buy my mom a chain for her birthday since, it 's coming up. I have this beautiful Minnie Mouse charm and I just need a chain,” my cousin pleaded. “If we see a jewelry store we’ll see if we can find you one,” my mom stated. The market was big, there was a whole bunch of stores crowded together and a narrow walkway in the middle. I found a jewelry store three spaces down from the opening. …show more content…

Her birthday is coming up and I want to get her a chain for the charm I bought her,” my cousin said. “Well let’s see what we got here,” the owner said. He went around the big table in the middle of the room. Opened one of the glass cases on the wall and pulled out a black, round, necklace holder. There were all different sorts of chains hanging from the stand gold, silver, long, short, and even rose gold. He sat the chains on the table. He was across from us on the other side of the table, with a nice friendly grin on his joyful face and I had my poker face on. “Here are some chains that we have,” we all took a look at the chains.
“I’m looking for a silver chain,” my cousin explained. The owner puts the stand back and went under the counter of the glass cases to the far back wall. He pulled out a stand with all silver chains.
“Here you go,” he exclaimed. We looked carefully at the chains. My cousin wanted a chain not too big but, not too small. She finally narrowed her search down to two pretty chains the right size for her.
“I like these two,” she said. The owner laid the two chains on the table. I’m the only one who was smart enough to look at the price tag. One was $250 and the other one was $300.
“300 dollars, For a chain? You have lost you your mind,” I said bewildered.
My cousin and grandma carefully examined the price tags. I think the owner realized they weren’t happy and he wasn’t going to make a sell when we shook our heads and started to

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