Three Skeleton Key Ending Essay

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Le Gleo, Itchoua, and I backed up against the wall. I turned my head to look at the ghastly horror written on the faces of my mates. I tentatively stepped forward going towards the door where the rats were gnawing away on the glass. We didn’t have much time. “ Mate! What do you think you’re doing?” Le Gleo yelled pressing against the wall. I turned around and let out a sigh. I trudged back to the wall pressing my back against the wall staring into the eyes of the swarm of sea rats gnawing against the glass. “ What shall we do?” Itchoua stammered. No one replied. My fingers brushed against the wall. When I turned around, I was staring at a small star-shaped key chain. It’s gold edges gleamed in the dim light in the cellar. It’s center …show more content…

There was only about an inch or two before we would be dead meat. “That means…”find the entrance to the majestic world where the soaring underwater bird is held by taking a look at what's around you and finding what is mine. The code is awaiting you.” tracing his fingers along the words. “Great so let’s look for Captain Nemo’s…well something that belonged to Captain Nemo.” Itchoua replied rummaging around a large box filled with anchors and fishing nets. I shook my head and chuckled. I walked to a shelf filled with books. Each book was about sea myths and creatures. Pretty boring huh? “ The famous tails of the little mermaid, Treasure Island….” I murmured to myself. “Nemo’s Journal of Wonders…WAIT! Nemo’s Journal of Wonders! Guys! Come here! I think I found something.” I hollered waving the journal in the air. Its cover was ripped and it smelled like moldy cheese. It was horrid! “Let me see it! The code might be here!” Le Gleo shouted grabbing the book from my now empty hand. Le Gleo flipped the pages of the journal so fast,that I could hardly read what was on the page! “Here it is! The code for the lost keychain of Atlantis. It states that that once we find a small lock, we have to pull it out, turn it to the right 3 times and then turn it to the left 1 time. It should work.” “I think I found what we are looking for!” I exclaimed. I ran over to the bookshelf and pushed it over. A grunt escaped from my mouth

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