My Life At The United States Essay

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I retired at age 65, my wife said: you’re not going to retire, and I said: I’m leaving, if you want, you can stay in the business alone. She decided she didn’t want to stay alone so she retired with me. We are international travelers, we travel all the time. We have a beautiful house, we have a beautiful life. We are healthy. I’ve been all over the world in the past ten years, China, Cambodia, New Zealand, Laos, Tibet, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Alaska, all throughout South America, Rome, Holland. In June, we’re leaving to Serbia and to the Baltics. We go to Israel almost every year and go on big international trips about twice a year. We travel locally often, to Vegas, Maryland—to visit our daughter—, and New York. When we’re not traveling, we babysit our grandchildren, being a grandparent is my job now. When their parents go away, they hire a babysitter but we check on them every day. We take them out for dinner or pizza—so they’re happy. We also still have real estate, we still manage the properties; my wife is the book keeper for the buildings we own. I take care of my flowers, I have a large garden at home; I love gardening—I learned on the Kibbutz, when I worked in the field. Over the years, we’ve bought and sold various buildings but owning rental properties has been a steady part of our lives. We never stop working, not hard physically, but we are busy. I go talk about the Holocaust at my granddaughter’s school once a year—the girls are happy because they get to miss

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