My Life Autobiography

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Welcome to… basically my life. My full name is Carlos Esai Arias, however no one ever refers to me by my middle name. The composition of my family is quite simple: my older sister who is currently attending University of California, Irvine, my mom, and my dad. You will quickly realize how much I participate in certain circumstances. I will raise my hand frequently to answer questions; fortunately, I’m not afraid of being wrong. Learning from my mistakes is something I do quickly. English may not be my strongest subject, however that won’t hold me back from excelling this year in English II Honors. Behind this education driven teenager is just another human being with his own life experiences. Let me tell you more about them. From this point I, like many, have lived in the Coachella Valley all of my life. My journey started at Sunny Sands ES, then moved on to James Workman MS. In middle school, I was in the ASB program for 2 years; which heavily influenced the person I have become today. The leadership skills I learned in that program helped me guide my peers, excel at school, and at life. Other students can impact your life so emotionally where it completely changes your life. It is amazing. Other than ASB, I always took GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) classes and Honors classes. I have participated in many debates in the past couple of years, one in 7th grade history, some in 8th grade US history, and 3 serious ones last year in AVID. This unique approach to learning

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