My Life Before College Essay

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My life before college was one of stability. There was a set pattern to each day and week, and this unspoken schedule was rarely broken. If there were important events coming up, my mom would put them on a weekly calendar in the kitchen for all to see. You always knew what was going to happen tomorrow or the day after. Before college, I also had a decent sized friend group because I did marching band all throughout high school. However, my closest friend group was made up of three people that I’d known since elementary school. The only changes that would occur to my friendships would be if someone graduated, moved away, or if some intense drama unfolded. Other than that, my friend groups were stable. In terms of romantic relationships, I had only been dating my boyfriend for a week when I moved in. Some may say that I’m crazy for starting a relationship so close to move-in day, but it just felt like the right thing to do. I’m sure this is similar to how Vivian felt when she brought Dutchy back to the hotel without even knowing what had happened since the last time they’d seen each other. She comments that, “It doesn’t matter that I barely know the man that Dutchy has become…I just want to spend more time with him” (Kline 232). Though others may have considered I believe that becoming acclimated to college is an ongoing phenomenon that freshmen experience. For the majority of us, this is our first time without any parental supervision and we have our first taste of freedom

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