My Life Being A Mom Welcoming New Life

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I had one of the best experience in my life being a mom welcoming new life in this world. I admit in the beginning I was only nineteen years old I had no job, no mature level, no clue how to raise a baby. In the beginning I was bit paralyzed with fear, but as months starting coming and going I became very sad to having excitement. I had create a living being that seems like a dream, but it was real person inside my body. I had no idea what the journey was going be like at all, I was not sure if he or she was going cherish and believable bond that would last whatsoever. The three stages I experience when having a baby in my stomach was during my pregancy , birth of my baby and even today.

First of all, found I was pregnant I was so shocked with weird looking expression on my face. I was nineteen years old with no type of financial stable, home, car, school. Actually in May 2007 I was had no signs of pregnancy, I eat all the time all day everyday so I was not thinking I was pregnant with baby in my stomach. I knew when I did not get my monthly visitor every month their was a problem. I went to the doctor and took a pregancy test. At home I was watching television, I was pretty sure everything would be fine I told myself that. The phone rang I ran out my room so fast to grab the phone I said hello. On the other end of the phone the nurse tells me is this, Tamika Thomas I said yes this is me’’ I like to inform you my gut began to twisted up she said the words that forever…

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