Why Adoption Is Wrong?

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While many may think that adoption is wrong, like you are giving up on a child or a banding your responsibility that is not always the case. Because you see in my case it was a blessing for everyone involved. There are many couples out there that cannot have children due to medical reasons and want them. If you find the right family for your bundle of joy you both will live a happy healthy life. While still being a part of each other’s life. How you may be thinking? Continue to read this some sad, but very happy story and you too will see how Julia’s adoption was one of the biggest blessings in my life. It was late February in 1998 when I found out I was expecting another child. I was 16 years old. It should have been a happy day it was my daughter’s 1st birthday party and everyone was there. The house was full of family and friends and smelled of chill and cake. Please don’t get me wrong, it was a happy day for the most part until I found out I was pregnant. Scared and not knowing what to do, I kept this what most would call exciting news to myself. You see I was dating a man and he was not a very nice person he was mentally and physically abusive to me most of our relationship and he was the soon to be father. A month or so went by after I told him and we were both somewhat excited him more than I. I was more scared then anything. He managed to get himself into some legal trouble and was sent away for a long time. Where did that leave me? I was scared to death

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