My Life Has Been A Rollercoaster, With Many Ups And Downs

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My life has been a rollercoaster, with many ups and downs. I am thankful for the ups and downs. The downs have made me strong and the ups have showed me that life is worth living. I was born in the United states but raised in Nicaragua. I do not consider myself neither from here nor there. I consider myself a fusion of both cultures. During the mid-80s, my parents were growing up under the Sandinista communist regime.They lived in a country isolated by a civil war, subjected to extreme polarization, with a deeply censored press, and diminished liberties. There were only two options, accepting it or changing it. This is why my father got involved in politics at the young age of sixteen. For him, it was not about the relevance of his …show more content…

The Sandinistas came back into power.On the day they came victorious, a bomb went off in our back yard. Thankfully, no one was injured nonetheless my mom was deaf for two days. My dad had been the campaign manager, I remember the look on my dad’s face the day the Sandinistas became victorious, his ideals and everything he had fought for seemed in vain. The communist regime that had oppressed his childhood was coming back right in front of his eyes. My dad’s party became the opposition. The municipal elections that followed were a complete nightmare. For the first time since 1990, independent observers, foreign and local, were refused accreditation to monitor the election. Mr Ortega said that they were barred because they were backed by “outside powers”. A week before the election my mom took us out of school early. She soon explained, that they have called our house and said they were coming to kill us. We went into hiding at my great aunts house. At the end of the day, they were only empty threats, but the psychological damage was done. According to the electoral council 's provisional results, the Sandinistas duly won 94 of the 146 mayorships at stake. They stole the elections and there was nothing to be done. That was the last drop, my mom decided we had to move. She had lived under this regime before. She was forced into a career she disliked because the same dictatorship that was once again taking over our nation. She refused

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