My Life Of A Twenty Year Old

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I will be interviewing a twenty year old that personally experienced the absence of her father after her parents divorce she will answer a set a questions that will helps us get a deeper insight on what a child of divorced parents come across. How did your mother handle the divorce? After the divorce my mother became bitter she used to go to church before the divorce and being social and after she lost that fulfillment. She became anti-social and stop going out. My mother became an angry person and the only time she would talk to us was to yell at us for not cleaning. I hated going into her room at night cause she would lay there and she would cry. My mother became a completely different person she is not half of the person she used to be before the divorce. How do you feel for towards your father? Today he is just another person in this planet I could care less about him. When I was a child I would cry for him I would stay in the door and hope that he would come home from work but he never came. When I began to grow and I learn how bitter my mom was because of him and I grew anger towards him not just because he made my mom so bitter but because he never came back for me he abandon me. Did you ever struggle with money? Money I never had money I would stand outside the liquor store next to my house when I was younger and I would beg for a dollar so I could buy myself some chips. When I was a child I never had the pleasure of having new clothes everything I had were
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