My Life Of My Brother

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Brother I have spent most of my life as an older brother. My little brother, Quinn, was born on July 26th in 2005. I don’t remember much about it though because I was only three. My parents tell me I was never jealous of Quinn, like most little children are once a sibling comes into the world. My brother and I have become great friends, we fight alot, but then again what brothers don’t. We share many things, Our Computer, PlayStation, Video games, and even some clothes. It sucks sometimes but It also makes us closer in an odd way. My brother and I look very similar despite the three year age gap. Whenever we go places we are always asked if we are twins. One time someone even mistook me for my brother and congratulated me for a speech he had just done. I also have a sister named Paige. When she was born, I was in first grade. It was one of my first major memories, I got out of school early it was great. My sister is insane. She somehow has red hair even though most of us are blond. Paige is treated like the baby of the family even at age 8. My sister and I have a pretty good relationship. We get along most of the time and even sometimes team up on my brother. Family is important and I'm glad that I have a good one. Music I enjoy music a lot, both playing and listening. In fifth grade, I started playing the saxophone. I wasn’t the greatest but it was still fun. I quit school band along with the saxophone in seventh grade and picked up my new favorite, the guitar. The

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