My Life - Original Writing Essay

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I am truly amazed at how this book came along in my life right when I needed it the most. For two and a half years since my late husband passed away I have literally been in a fog. I didn’t realize that it was an attack from the enemy. I thought it was me just going through a grieving process that just seem to keep prolonging itself or either somehow there was some unresolved issues in my life that needed to be dealt with. For the life of me I couldn’t seem to figure out what it was that I needed to deal with. I was exhausted mentally and emotionally knowing that this couldn’t be of God, but was just too numb to even try to do anything about it. I would try to pray my way out and even would go to church thinking maybe someone could pray this off of me, but then again, I can’t even say I was desperate to get rid of whatever this was. I was simply lulled to sleep with no fight left in me. Oh, of course I prayed the cover all prayer over my family, but could see by the way my children were handling everyday life that they needed more prayer than just pleading the blood of Jesus over them every day. They needed that warrior woman to pick her sword back up and get her armor in check and go to war on their behalves. We needed restoration and healing so badly in our lives. I felt like that when God got tired of me being in this place that He would come to my rescue and without any help on my part and rescuing me is exactly what He did by sending me this book.
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