My Life Was On The Fast Track

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When I first came to Boston, my life was on the fast track. I received a full-tuition scholarship. I was thinking about Medical school and where I wanted to go. Then, when scheduling my classes, I saw that I had to take mandatory writing classes. My heart dropped. All throughout my years of schooling, the one subject was always the bane of my existence was Writing. Schools called it many different pretty and academic names to make it seem harmless and just another class, but for me it was like a death sentence. My communication skills are bad. My hearing loss caused me to stumble on words, I could barely keep up with conversations because I couldn’t really hearing and focus on what was being said. These are some of the factors that affected my writing. My mother would always call me out on not communicating and writing properly and clearly. She said it is because I write how I talk and when writing I have the conversation in my head without realizing that my fingers were not catching up to them, causing my writing to miss things or only have half of the conversation. So, when my teachers or parents would read my writing, they would scratch their heads and ask what are you talking about. The best way to describe my literary journey in this class is through the metaphor of a train. When I first started out the class, my first stop was a self-reflective essay on my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. On Exercise 1, I was called out for being wordy, and rightfully so. I

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