My Life With My Family

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Born in Petersburg, Virginia and raised in Suffolk, Virginia; my life has been spent in both country and city. Even though I was schooled in Suffolk, majority of my family had settled in Wakefield, Virginia; which the place I always recognized as home. I was brought up by my parents and with two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. Together, in combination with my ridiculous amount of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, we had grown up to be one big, happy family that still loves each other dearly. Although, due to the loss of one of the most important members of my family brought about much sadness, we were able to make that love grow even more and it also taught us to take advantage of the time we had with one another. Growing up, I spent time with a large part of my extended family, so I always looked at my extended family as my brothers, sisters, and even parents. Also, since I spent majority of my childhood with my entire family, the greatest and most memorable moments were with my grandparents. Many of my cousins and I had gotten into the habit of spending weekends, holidays, birthdays, and much more in the comfort of our grandparent’s home. In my grandparent’s home held many amazing memories, good and bad, and it was also the place where we had learned tons of life lessons that we continue to carry with us today. These great times had started to lessen as I started to become older, with family members leaving for school, moving to different parts
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