Spending Time With My Family

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Spending time with my Family during the weekends

The most important thing for me in my life is my family. Although we are separated during the week, we would hardly see each other. Deep down, they are the reason why I look forward to Fridays and Sundays. These days are not Just any ordinary day for my family because we get to come to gather and have fun we bond as any other normal family dose. Another reason why my family is important to me is because my mother is my motivation to finish the week she is the first person I see in the morning and the last person I see at night.

My Mother and I are the only ones that live in Storm Lake, so it is very hard and stressful sometimes because we really do not see each other due to her working schedule. My mother works from 8:00 AM to 9:00 pM, every week except on Fridays. So during the rest of the week, I feel like I am alone all the time.

Every day, I do the same thing, get out of school and go home. The house would feel so empty and silenced. Just me with my soul normally feeling bored and depressed It’s all that comes to my mind when there is no one to talk to. Mondays for me are the longest I feel that the day won’t even end from all the chores I have to do; taking out the trash , washing the dishes to making dinner. Everything is done by the time my mother comes home so she won't have to worry about it. When my mom comes home, we sit near the table and eat food from there we say our good nights and set off to go to

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