Essay about My Lifelong Dream Ruined in a Moment

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I woke up from the warm sunlight rays. I looked outside through the window – it was one of those mornings, in which the air is fresh, not too hot, neither too cold. Suddenly I shuddered – a thought ran through my mind, which made me smile immediately – today I should go to incredible Mediterranean cruise. It was my dream since I was a little child and when finally one evening my father made a gift to me and my mother – two tickets for 10 days cruise from Venice to Monte Carlo I was feeling like on the top of the world. Everything was planned – my mother had to arrive around 4pm in the town, where I was studying in university. Then, we would take a cab and go to the port. I had packed my luggage two days ago and I was already very …show more content…

Shortly after she drove off, she remembered that she had forgotten our cruise tickets in her car and she had to go back and take them. When she finally departed, thinking everything was alright, she saw the fuel light flashing so she stopped to refuel. “When a person is under pressure he can’t reflect normally”, she said. She grabbed her wallet and went inside the gas station to pay the fuel. Just as she turned back, she saw a little boy running with her purse. Barely managed to shout to the cashier, the boy went in a car and the car drove off with very high speed, and, our tickets – too. You can imagine my disappointment. After all my dreams of the wonderful places that I was about to see, within an inch everything go true, my dreams ruined. Several days passed. After a lot of dealing with the police, luckily the cameras at the gas station had captured images of the faces of the thieves and their car’s plate. Fortunately, my mother got her purse and everything in it back. Only the disappointment had left in both of us. Of course the same day of the accident, I went to my town to see her and I stayed a couple of days. I tried to calm her down not to feel guilty and she tried to calm me down too. It was a nice evening with my family, my father was at home too, which was a rareness because of his busy job. We were having dinner and watching a TV. The evening news started. I heard they were reporting about an awful accident on the

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