My Lifelong Vision : My Goals And Goals In Education

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As a current student at portsmouth middle school I would like to apply to be in your eighth grade english class so I can learn the skills that will help me to be successful in the future. Last year in your english class I learned very much and I am ready to learn even more this year. I would like to become more of a critical thinker and learn more about analyzing text. In the next paragraphs you will learn about why I am fit for this job.
Now I would like to inform you about about my lifelong vision and how the literacy skills that I already know and learn will help me achieve my goals. The kind of person that I would like to be is an intelligent scholar and a caring person. My lifelong vision is to be a sucessful in high school so that I can get into a good college where I can get a degree to become a veterinarian/doctor. I would like to be a doctor of some sort because the human body is very interesting to me and I like to help other people. My literacy skills will help me achieve my goal of going to college and becoming a veterinarian/doctor because when you are a doctor you have to analyze documents because if you don't you could end up hurting and possibly killing your patient. Also in order to get into college I would need to write an application letter to the college I want that would persuade the college to accept me, this is a big step to achieving my goal. Also I would have to communicate with the patient or patient owner and know how to talk to them so they

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