My Love For Animals

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My whole life I have had a strong passion for literature and animals. As soon as I learned how to read on my own, I would spend hours upon hours in my room immersed in books. My first dream job was to be a veterinarian. Growing up I would always find stray cats and dogs in the neighborhood and bring them home where they would become my pets. My love for animals has not subsided in my years but has grown exponentially.

Like many people nowadays, social media has impacted my life in many ways. I spend hours each week reading articles, blog posts, news articles, etc., just learning about things that I likely would have never known about had it not been for the internet. The first large impact social media had on my life was when I was in eighth grade. At the time I was a huge fan of NeverShoutNever, a band that helped me through a lot of rough times. One day I was reading an article on the lead singer and found out he was vegetarian. By this time in my life I was familiar with vegetarianism as a concept but never imagined it to be something I would partake in for myself. However, I was extremely intrigued. This was a time in my life where I was making a lot of changes and becoming true to myself in many ways. After hours of reading articles, watching videos and fact checking, I was horrified. My whole life I had never even thought about where my food was coming from, and now the inconvenient truths were laid out in front of me. That was the first day I decided to go

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