My Love For Cars

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I was born and raised in Hialeah FL, Miami Dade. By the age of 4 I was playing baseball for my local park, following my older brother’s footsteps like any little brother would do. By the age of 10 I was one of the best baseball players in my division. It was my favorite sport and hobby right after going to work with my dad in his big red Tow Truck. I attended Mater lakes Highschool and middle school, it was about fifteen minutes from my house on a good day of traffic. It was a very tiny school that eventually grew but continued to be small due to the number of students. School was fun but working with my dad was better. It created a love for cars that to this day is still alive. Working on cars, selling cars, and buying cars was something I’d see my old man do daily. He had so many cars that it got engraved in me that one day I will own my own collection. By fourteen my old man was already teaching me how to drive manual cars. By sixteen he bought me my first car, a 1998 Jeep wrangler Sahara edition. The green monster was lifted on huge mud tires and the coolest part, it was manual transmission. I loved taking it to school every day, it was a blessing I will always be thankful for. My love for cars grew so dramatically that by senior year in high school I had already six different cars. I loved it, not just owning the vehicle but also doing my research about it. Reading, and learning about cars is something that I found captured my attention and made it easy for me to

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