My Love Of Reading

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Reading has always been a way for me to explore a new and different world, whether I’m reading about a girl who lives in a county ruled by an evil and corrupt government or a man taking care of a hotel over the winter. Reading allows me to put myself into the story and create new memories as if I were living them. Growing up reading was never strongly enforced, but it was also never frowned upon either. I always saw my family members sharing, recommending, and gifting books to each other. Perhaps this instilled in me a desire to read and enjoy reading, or maybe reading is just something I naturally like to do. As I got older, especially in high school, I drifted away from being an avid reader. This was only because of the increased workload I was getting from school. Unfortunately, I only read if I had to for class, and occasionally I would read something for fun, but I was never reading as much as I had in the past and as much I wanted to. Every now and then I get hooked into reading again and find myself being absorbed into all new adventures. This doesn’t always last for a long time. It only takes one really good book to rekindle my forgotten desire to read. After rediscovering this passion, I spend most of my free time learning about these new characters and their lives. I have found that the more free time I have in my life, the more prone I am to these reading binges. I know that if I can find a book to get captivated by, I will be back into the habit of reading and

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