My Love In My Life

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If fatherhood has taught me anything, it has taught me that life never works out the way you plan it. At the ambitious age of 18 I had the most foolproof plan on how my life was going to play out. I was going into college, pre-med. Four years later I would go into the University of Kentucky and study medicine, pediatrics. Then, and only then, would I settle down with kids of my own. I was going to do great things, achieve so much, travel the world. I had it planned in my head but little did I know, God had a plan that was bigger than my own.
July 18th, 2009. That was the first step into this life I am in now. The day God granted me a wife. I never would have thought that I would been married right out of high school, but it seemed right. Step three of my foolproof plan came a little bit too early. I seemed to have jumped forward 8 years ahead of my plan. “That’s ok”, I thought to myself, “I can reassess and do this”. Around 11 months after that date is when we welcomed our first daughter into the world. Never would I have thought that a year removed from high school would I have a daughter. I had already seemed that my life had spiraled out of my control. This was not how I envisioned my perfect life! What seemed like a foolproof plan, turned me into a fool to try and plan it. Over the next several years we welcomed four other kids into our happy family, three boys and another girl. Now eight years later I have five kids and no MD. So, what do I do now? Regroup? Create
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