My Love In My Life

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Your family only loves you because they have to. They only care for you because they have to. Your friends take care of you because they want to. Your friends love you because they chose to. This is the credo that I have lived by my whole life because that is all I have ever known.
Six years ago, my mom passed away of an accidental over the counter overdose. It was a bright sunny summer morning when Tori, dad and I decided we wanted to go swimming for a little while my mother was still asleep. Granted, it was only 9:00 a.m.
Roughly two hours later we all returned home for lunch with my mother. We pulled up home, I jumped out of the car and bolted inside to go wake mom up and tell her about our time at the pool and that I missed her and wished she would have came with us. I ran as fast as lightning into her room and starting yelling “Mom! Mom! Mom! Wake up!” but there was no answer. After five minutes of trying to get her up I walked slowly to find dad and see if he could wake her up. As my father walked into the room I stood in the doorway waiting patiently for her to wake up so I could attack her with a bear hug. After another long five minutes of my father trying to wake her up, he failed as well as I did. He then got up off the bed, walked towards me, handed me the phone and told me to take Tori and go outside and call her mom and 911 and tell them we need help immediately. As a little confused eleven year old, I did what I was told. As soon as I walked outside I knew

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