The Love Of My Life

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Weather can create many mix of emotions that may confuse anyone. A story that can relate to this is “The Love of My Life” by T.C. Boyle which illustrates the theme of weather and its connection to love. Weather always have some sort of connection with humans’ emotion regardless the person’s situation. In “The Love of My Life” the main characters Jeremy and China show their love through moments of certain weather. Explicit and dangerous weather make a perfect scene for love and cuddle. Jeremy and China get into a lot of emotion with the intense weather. In “The Love of My Life” T.C. Boyle describes the initial weather of the story which since the beginning is pretty harsh. According to Boyle, “They were together at his house one night when the rain froze on the streets and sheathed the trees in glass” (Boyle 1). Jeremy and China have the perfect weather to cuddle which they do and have sex on Jeremy’s mother’s bed. The weather is so disgusting outside and the road are actually frozen from the ice rain that it’s dangerous for China to leave Jeremy’s house. This rainy, icy and risky weather is just what Jeremy and China need to fire up the love they have for each other. The weather relates to the passion both of them have for each other. The weather can be predictable, although it might be unpredictable sometimes. Spring weather is the best and Jeremy and China have plans to go camping. While camping it’s not supposed to rain, but unfortunately it does. Boyle states, “What

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