My Love Of Reading Essay

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My earliest memory in life is being read aloud to by my parents as a baby. There I was, being rocked in a rocking chair by my mother, in one of the oldest homes in Columbia City. On the corner of Walnut Street, it was home to the young Parker family of three, one dog, many bats, and dust. The few years of my life on Walnut Street consisted of Dora the Explorer, asthma treatments, and being read to. Since these early years, I have outgrown Dora and asthma but my love for reading has continued to grow. Although my literacy story is mundane and similar to many others, reading has helped shaped me into the person I am today. Like most children in the United States, my parents read to me as a child. I grew up reading Dr. Seuss, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Robert Munsch, and much more. As a young child, my favorite books were those written by Robert Munsch. I vividly remember sitting on my bed in my pink room with my parents reading dozens of books that left me cackling. My favorites were Stephanie’s Ponytail, The Paper Bag Princess, and Mmmmm, Cookies. Looking back on what those first two books were about, I’m starting to believe that these short children’s books may have helped shape my personality. Stephanie’s Ponytail is about a girl who goes to school with a ponytail. The next day, everyone at her school is wearing their hair the same way. Each day she changes her hair, everyone else does the same. In some ways, I feel that Stephanie inspired me to be the independent

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