My Love Story

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As I sat in the room looking at the cup placed in front of me watching the steam rise up from the coffee; I couldn’t help but think, I love my daughter and I would never hurt her. I looked closer into the cup and for a glimpse, I saw her, my beautiful Bethany right before the fog covered my glasses and I had to wipe it off. Like that she was gone. I could hear the officers mumbled voices behind the closed doors. Even though I couldn’t see them I knew they were watching me through the glass. If it comes to it I’ll tell my story again and again after all, it’s the truth. It was snowing that night and I wanted to curl up on the couch and finish watching my favorite show snuggled up under loads of blankets and drinking hot chocolate. I think that’s ultimately a goal everyone has during the cold season when there is nothing to do but stay bundled up. I had the perfect daughter, her name is.. was Bethany and she was perfect almost angelic and I questioned everyday if she even was my daughter because of how amazing she was. Bethany was a spitting image of her father, the dark hair but the bluest eyes and the kindest soul. But even our beautiful daughter couldn’t keep this family together and he left us. He left me and our one year old to go with the waitress from a local dinner. She gave him everything I couldn’t he would say, and I just wanted every single thing that reminded me of him, gone. That night, Bethany was going out with her friends and she told me

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