My Math Experience

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My earliest math memory was in Elementary school; it was a time that I completely understood what I was supposed to do (math wise at least). It was in middle school that I was introduced to different math equations and formulas. At the time I had enjoyed the way that these can be applied to the shapes that were given and the variety of ways to solve one problem. In 2013 I was accepted into Mt. Edgecumbe High School, where the math program was one of the many aspects that were different in comparison to the village educational expectations that I was accustomed to. My freshman year was the beginning of a burgeoning distaste and struggle in mathematics.
The ninth grade is when I had been placed into a year long Algebra I class. The first few weeks went smoothly, due to what I was taught at my hometown, but then I started to fall behind when we began the computer program for math. This was the first time that I had done anything similar to this and it was difficult to say the least. There were conflicting educational goals between the teaching happening in the classroom and the electronic lessons on the desktop. However, fear of failure was a major justification on my dedication to have an adequate grade in the class, even with the frustration that came along with it. In the course of the year, I had become well educated in many math areas. Nonetheless, now having the opportunity to look back, I now see that the electronic program had not taught me an abundance of math as
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