My Memories : My Childhood Memories

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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. -Aristotle Onassis Many of my fondest childhood memories involved a stuffed lamb doll and one of my grandfather 's old stethoscopes. As a precocious seven-year-old, I would often stand beside my grandfather while he examined his patients. Watching him carefully, I mimicked his every move, an act that rarely failed to pull a laugh out of even the sickest of patients. Even in these moments of childhood play, I noticed the sheer joy and relief that his healing hands had the capacity to bring to the suffering and worried patients he treated. Seeing this, I remember thinking to myself that one day, I wanted to bring people that same joy. If my time with my grandfather opened my mind to the possibility of a career in medicine, my experience with my grandmother finally made me resolve to pursue this route fully. On the weekends, my grandmother would take me to the library, where we would play a game in which she assigned me a book that I would have to find. This sense of adventurous exploration and the accompanying exposure to learning and reading, transformed my intellectual landscape. Unfortunately, shortly after my grandfather died, doctors diagnosed my grandmother with Alzheimer 's. I returned to the library, saddened and confused, in order to find a book about her affliction. Naively, I expected to unearth the secret to my grandmother 's health, but unfortunately that section of the book remained

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