Essay on My Mentoring Program for Deprived Girls

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When an idea is your head, it looks perfect and you get this mental image of the end result. However, when you start implementing it, challenges seem unending. I was fortunate to experience life as a high school student in the United States thanks to the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program. During my exchange year, I went to a lot of career fairs and mentorship programs that taught me a lot about myself and I realized how such a thing will help a lot of people back in my country. After my exchange program in the United States, I decided to do a mentoring program for girls in deprived communities. At the beginning, I imagined how the end result of my idea would be. Little did I know that getting everything ready was going to be …show more content…

We started looking online for our fellow alumni who have succeeded in their fields of endeavors and we contacted a few who agreed to speak at our program free of charge. As we kept putting things in order, the event day gradually came. And we went to the venue the night before just to get the every little detail in order. We fixed the sound systems, decorated the place with balloons wiped off the chairs and did all the little trimmings. On the actual day of the event, we arrived at the venue very early and started waiting on the participants and the guests to arrive but unfortunately, most people were late due to traffic on the roads. Gradually, the attendance started picking up and the event started. We began with a break out session where the resource persons spoke to the participants in little groups. After the break out session, there was the personality test part where everybody took a test to determine their personality types. After the test, the participants were grouped according to their personality types and each group had a resource person talk to them about their career options and give them some tips to be successful. When it was over the students had some drinks and snacks and we took that time to ask them for feedback most of which was positive. The resource persons also congratulated us for putting together an event like that and also told us to call on them if we need their services. My team members were also

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