My Moment In The Moment Essay

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It was august 4 3:47pm just 5 minutes before my arm would crack. My neighbor and I were upstairs in my room when she said “I’m bored let’s go outside. After 2 minutes we left my room and went into the hall. I slipped my shoes on half way and thought, once i’m in the living room I will put them on completely. The railing of the stairs measured, right by my waist, so I locked my arms. I had just started to go to the third step when my right leg slipped and I fell,landing seated. My sight turned dark as if I had been staring at the sun and white snow. For some reason I thought I had made the railing fall of the wall. I thought this because heard and felt something fall on me. I started searching for my left arm with a blurry vision. I couldn’t find it until I noticed it was hanging in between my legs. I picked it up and I felt the bone move in my arm. I called my mom and said “Mom I broke my arm!” She started helping me and I kept on saying “don’t let my arm go!” and “It keeps cracking”. My dad took me to the hospital in Hampton while my mom called my aunt and asked her if she could interpret. When we got there I sat in a gray wheelchair and got x-rays.After a couple of minutes the doctor came in and asked if he could talk to my dad. My aunt went with him to interpret. A nurse came in and injected some medicine in my hand for the pain. But while she injected the back of my hand, I heard the doctor say in the room next door, “It’s either a cyst or cancer.” I tried not

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