My Mother - Original Writing

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During my mother’s childhood, she would walk or bike half a mile on dirt roads in the humid Cuban heat to return home from school. After coming home tired from school, she would help her mother make endless batches of Cuban pastries to sell. In addition to preparing desserts, my mother would help finish sewing the clothes her mother made. My mother had sewn so much that her hands were stiff from all the sewing. Her mother could only maintain her two children by selling desserts and clothes,since her father was imprisoned for political reasons. My grandmother never finished elementary school, so she struggled to obtain a job. Through my mother working hard alongside her mother, my mom grew a longing to seek a better way to earn a living when she grew up. She desired to assist her family get out of the harsh economic conditions and improve their lifestyle. When my mother was in her thirties, she immigrated to the United States to seek a better future for her family and escape Cuba’s communist government. Upon arriving in America, my mother was introduced to real estate when a Catholic charity guided them in finding an apartment. The Catholic charity ensured my mother and her family had everything they needed to live comfortably in their new apartment.,such as giving them furniture and clothes. Through these acts of kindness , my mom kindled a desire to assist low income individuals with buying or renting houses. However, at that moment, she thought becoming a realtor…

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