My Move to India Essay

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Moving to India "What", I stuttered. "Yes Neeraj we are going to live in India", declared my Mom. "But", I said. "No buts", commanded my Mom. "Go back upstairs and pack your suitcase with necessary things, be thankful that we are getting your Wii", said my Mom. My whole world turned instantly upside down. Me living in India was the worst thing that would ever happen to me. Hot and humid nights with constant nuisance of mosquitoes, uhhhhh! The most horrifying part is that if a student makes a mistake, teacher has the authority to slap them. I then sulked upstairs and packed every single object in my room. Five hours later a voice announced, "Thanks for choosing Emirates, we will depart in the next ten minutes." At least I can watch …show more content…

My cousin got in the car and we set off for my aunt's house. I went into my aunt's house for a cool and a refreshing drink of water, but when I got there, there was no power in the house. " Hey auntie, why is there no power in the house?" I asked. "Oh Neeraj we don't have any power in the house for three hours in the evening " , replied my aunt. She further on explained by saying , " That the electricity department does not have enough energy to send power to all its clients so they cut the power for three hours ". That's crazy, I mean seriously, in US power going out once in a year is really rare , but they don't have power in India for three hours a day. I decided to take a nap and after sleeping for few hours my eyes just registered something. On the ceiling there was a gray, slimy pawed reptile staring at me. I then screamed in terror that there was a lizard in the room. "Auntieeeeeeee save me from this lizard", I pleaded. My aunt came running in with a broomstick and smacked it. The lizard immediately reacted and darted through the open window. "Neeraj are you okay, you look like you are petrified", said my aunt. "Oh auntie I am fine but how often does a lizard creep into the house?", I asked. This was weird, the probability of a lizard sneaking into my house in New Jersey is zero. "It happens almost all the time, but don't worry, you will get used to it replied my aunt. "Well Neeraj, you better go back

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