My Move to America Essay

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My story starts in the year of 2003, when I decided to follow up on my dreams and go to a far-away land, called America. My journey is full of surprises and new discoveries of a world so different from the one I am leaving behind, with its own culture and beliefs. This is the story of a young lady and her first encounter with a new society, her first time away from home and family. It was not an easy decision to leave everybody and everything behind, but I wanted so much to travel and see this new world that I had seen only in the movies, the land of Columbus, where native Indians and African-Americans lived unified on a vast territory. I was 23 years old when I boarded the plane …show more content…

I was both excited entering the world that I had always dreamed of, but also frightened at the prospect of being so far away from my family and friends. Together with Josaline, we headed to her house where we spent a few hours talking and remembering the good times from home, telling her how happy I was to finally be there. After settling in my room, we decided to go and explore the city, ignoring the terrible exhaustion that I was feeling. It was a late, chilly September evening, but that did not stop us from walking on the 5th Ave and its famous stores, or the well-known Times Square, where all those lighted boards seemed to blind me. I was strolling down the crowded streets with my head up, looking at the tall buildings like they were 3 of 5 some big monsters created by a strange civilization. I remember bumping into every person on the street just because I did not want to miss anything that was going on above my head. Despite the late hour, the city was so alive, so crowded, with so many people going in different directions, like they were all in a rush to get somewhere, or running from something, but the whole image was so hilarious and exciting at the same time, cause I had not seen so many people in

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