My Music Experience

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As a young boy, I have always had an interest in Music. When my family would go on trips and vacations out of state I would listen to music on the car radio and try to memorize all the lyrics, rhythms, tempos, and distinct sounds of the instruments. The first music experience was at the elementary M.E Pearson. When you got to the Fourth grade, the school allowed students to participate in orchestra and gave them the opportunity to learn how to play certain instruments. As I walked into that small trailer and heard the sounds, saw the articulation and how everyone moved as one. I was flabbergasted and knew instantly this is want I wanted to do. Starting Orchestra, I was horrible and I didn’t learn how to properly play my first instrument, the cello, until the beginning of sixth grade. As much as I was horrible, orchestra was a positive impact on my life and pushed me to achieve goals. Going down the hall past Mr. Curry’s class, bubble and bumpers, and patiently waiting outside the orchestra room at M.E Pearson Elementary were the highlights of each day from fourth to fifth grade. During that time of practice our class would practice articulation, posture, and how to read notes until the bell rang and would let the school know it was time to go home. As boring as it got sometimes, I was always filled with joy and prepared for orchestra the next day. The first time trying out for State was the most intense experience I ever had. Out of all the experiences I have created with
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