My Opinion About Rachel Spends Her Work

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In my opinion, I believe that Rachel spends her work day very ineffectively for many reasons. From the moment she gets to the office she instantly starts to socialize with her coworker. Although, having good relations with those you work with is important, it is unnecessary to waste time chatting when there is always an option to say “So great to have you back! We should catch up later.” Especially if she knows she was supposed to receive emails that are of high importance and hasn’t checked her email since 3:30pm the day before. I believe that this is an ineffective way to spend her first moments at work when she could have better prepared herself for the day. Also, waiting to check her emails till hours later is a poor choice when she …show more content…

Not only do I believe this is a huge waste of time but I also believe it is very unprofessional. She had the opportunity to take a 10 minute lunch break and then could have used the remainder 20 minutes to complete other work, answer emails, or try to contact John who she could not get ahold of earlier.
The fact that Rachel took the time to lay down in her office shocked me. After her nap she headed down to the purchasing agents office. I think that her choice to rest instead of going to finish the task of talking with the purchasing agent was unnecessary and a waste of time. The task to talk to the purchasing agent should also have been planned more in advance if they now have to rush deliver it to get the equipment they needed at the site there on time. Next, Rachel spent an hour on a conference call about the requirements of software that were necessary for her project. After her conference call she then proceeded to take a walk down the hall to chit chat with other coworkers. Although positive reinforcement was displayed when she told her coworker Chandra, she did a good job on her last report, it was an unnecessary walk in the first place considering when she returned to her office a little later, she had missed a call from John who told her to call him back ASAP. Which was an important call Rachel was waiting on. Once

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