My Opinion About the Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier

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My company supplies the pacemakers with transistors that they use to build heart pacemakers. The pacemaker technology is in its infancy and the maker is having different type of problems which resulted in many incidents. The incidents were caused by doctors that don’t know how to install the pacemaker because they lack the appropriate training. Also, the Quality assurance phase is very weak at the production level because the engineers are not testing the hardware rigorously. As a result, my company feels that we will be sued because we are a supplier of the transistors used on the pacemakers. During our board meeting, the members have different opinions about this issue. Some members want us to stop supplying the pacemakers because they…show more content…
Also, it will be an opportunity to collect feedbacks and get suggestions from doctor so the engineers can be able to improve the product and solve recurring issues. The third step is to set up a meeting with the pacemaker to find out what the company wants to do to improve their product quality. It will be an opportunity for the Pacemakers to convince our shareholders and board members to keep supplying them with transistors. It will open a dialogue between our two entities and we can go over the technicalities, the legalities of this issue. We can impose new requirements on the company: they should improve their QA department; their engineers must develop a rigorous testing program that assures high end pacemakers. They should let us inspect their facilities once every 3 months and see if they still meet the requirements agreed on during the meeting. If they don’t pass the inspection then we will stop selling the transistor until they correct the errors that the inspectors discovered during the tour at the facility. During my analysis of this issue, I used the organizational Ethics Decision Making Process to structure my suggestions and decisions. This process helped me to look at the problem from an ethical perspective and take the most effective steps to defend my ethical point of view. The Memorial Medical Case is a very rich example; I felt that this case was very similar to my case. We also had to look at this issue
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