My Own Business At The Business Field

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When people first hear the word business, they quickly associate it with money. Of course, people in the business field have higher salaries than simple cashiers in the supermarket. But, it 's also true that these two type of professions have a completely different educational background. It 's very easy to be fascinated by the business of doing business. However, when people open their own business, they face so many different challenges, as nurturing a business is almost like nurturing a child because as the business grows, it can become wild and difficult to control, or it can be sweet and easy to manage. Opening your own business means to become your own boss. Not only give to yourself the ability to make your own decisions, but it also offers financial independence, creative freedom and the chance to fully use your skills and knowledge. In addition, I strongly believe that the person who open his own business has to have self-confidence and determination to achieve what he really wants and certainly has to be prepared for the many sacrifices and years to achieve it. Since I am an International student, coming from Italy, I decided to interview a business owner that is like me. What I mean is, someone who shared the same experiences in adjusting to the different laws, rules and culture that are completely diverse form his own. With all of this in mind, I decided to go to find the owner of Pasticceria Rocco which is a traditional Italian bakery located on Bleecker
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