Essay on My Own Reconstruction Plan after the Civil War

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After the great battle of the American Civil War was fought, and the North won, a bigger battle still had to take place; reconstruction. Reconstruction after the war was not going to be easy, and it was not. What was the primary goal? What should be done to ex-confederates? Free Blacks? How should this reconstruction take place? Many of these questions were solved by the government, but how well? Reconstruction could have gone very differently, and that is what I intend to show. I will develop my own reconstruction policy for the United States after the American Civil War, dealing with several critical points, and the overall re-integration of the south into the Union. My policy is based on equality for the South and North, and making …show more content…

They would not be thrown in prison, and their rights as a citizen of the Union would be preserved. I think this would be best, because it would appease the many surviving confederate soldiers. Union veterans may not like it, but it was only fair. Both the Union and the Confederacy killed the enemies men, and while this was wrong, you could not prosecute every single solider in the Union army and the confederate army, so the only option was to pardon everyone. It could be like, an amnesty to soldiers who served in the war. This way, both sides would be equal, the South was not being treated any better than the North, and Vice Vera. However, we know that in actual history, the Southern soldiers were treated worst than those of the North, because of radical republicans in the government.

What should be done for the Freedman? Like I said above, I really don’t think that the Freedman should be dealed with first. Once they were dealed with, I believe they should have the full rights of a U.S Citizen, because that’s what they are. They should be freed from Bondage, and given the same opportunities as Whites. However that could almost never happen, and did not happen. People are always going to have prejudices, no matter what the law says. Even if a person does not hate Blacks, they could just prefer to hire a White man to do the same work. It’s something that still affects the Southern United States, and minimally in other areas. Who would

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