My Pain For Comfort

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Pain For Comfort

I’ve gone from house to house trying to find one to call home. I should call where i live home but home shouldn’t make you want to run. Walking into the door of my house feels so forlorn and cold. Nothing there is ever happy and all the love has left along with the good memories. My only comfort now comes from the solitude of my room and the deafening sound of my music, desperately trying to drown out the shouts of anger and hate.
No I’m not saying my life is completely awful, I do have good moments but not as often as I do bad ones. A plethora amount of problems started with my mom and somehow moved its way towards my dad and then my siblings. Everything isn’t how it should be and where there should be love there is hate and it just makes everything even more stressful when trying to focus on work and education. My dad is the type of person everyone wants to know and love but behind the walls of the house he takes all the anger in him and releases it like a tormented dragon on the knights he calls his family. My mom is a people pleaser but that gets in the way a lot because she tries to please so much that all the stress she gets from the day she holds back comes back home with her and wrecks everything. My house is a constant alarm clock going off that has no snooze button. There is never a silent moment. There is never peace.
Dinner was eaten together every night and we talked about stuff that made us happy. We went places every year for a vacation. It

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