My Paper On Lee Harvey Oswald

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Based on my research, I would like to dedicate my paper to Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was born on October 18, 1938, in New Orleans, Louisiana. His dad died of a heart attack and later sent to an orphanage to live with his two older brothers. He was a United States Marine, who later in his life killed John F. Kennedy. He was murdered by Jack Ruby while he was in police custody and being taken to County Jail. Lee Harvey Oswald had also tried to kill right wing ex-general Edwin A. Walker but he missed. He then moved to New Orleans for a couple of months, then moved back to the states. Before the killing had happened, he got a job at the Texas school as a Book Depository in Dallas. Where he attended the shooting of President Kennedy. He was mostly known because of the killing of John F. Kennedy. No one could find out why Lee H. Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy. Based on some interview his families and friends went through, they all said that Lee praised President John F. Kennedy. Michael Paine, one of Lee’s friends, who took Lee to a meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union, says Oswald “thought President Kennedy was doing quite a good job in civil rights, which was high praise coming from Lee.“ A Warren Commissioners, Senator Richard Russell say “he was a general misanthropic fellow … he had a desire to get his name in history and all.” As I surf through the web, I realize there was no evidence that said that Lee wanted such thing. He even denied that he was part
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