My Parents And Older Sisters

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I come from a family of readers. My parents and older sisters always had a book, magazine or newspaper in their hands. In my parent’s house, the walls that separated the living room, dining room and family room from all other rooms, wooden bookshelves – floor to ceiling – filled with all types of books, from dictionaries and encyclopedias to novels, cooking, memoirs, short stories, poetry, etc., and on all kind of subjects or topics. As a child, I remember climbing on the shelves trying to reach the big dictionary that was at the top, or I would also ask my sister to read me all the blue books or the green books or any book. I learned that through books I could discover the big “secret” world open only to readers, I learned that in books I would find funny, complicated or wired words, and, that reading will help to develop my reason. The family environment was definitely the most important factor that helped me to develop passion for books and for listening what others have to say about books they have read. As far as I remember, we were always looking for new books in bookstores or trading with friends and our extended family. I learned to love books, and reading became significant for my life, and the discussions and sharing were entertaining and stimulating! In school, I was blessed with great literature teachers that made the classes interesting and fun. From pre-Kinder to grammar school, I remember the many visuals they used to enhance the stories and/or to help those

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