My Parents Divorce

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I didn't understand it at first when my parents said that "the papers had been finished," that it wasn't our fault and they still love us. My brother and I couldn't believe what we were hearing, and then our father moved out. When I was thirteen, I consider my parents divorce as one of the most drastic events in my life. If my parents lost their hope for love, I thought about why I still had hope for it either. Everything had changed, my mother and I used to fight all the time and there was always a door slammed on your fingers. My brother and I always had to go back and forth staying a week with my mom and a week with my dad. It went on for years until my brother started living just at my fathers house his sophomore year in high school because of drama that would happen between my brother and her. I was always moving to new places, different houses, my mom moved about five times within three in a half years. She was always on and off with a man who had commitment issues and to this day they're finally considering getting married. It was as if something in her shut off after the divorce, for a long time I always dreaded spending the week with her, she never planned dinner, and I always felt that I was fending for myself and nights became lonely with out my brother. I could have chose to live with my dad full time but I knew I couldn't leave her too. During this time my dad became my best friend, I knew he was the one leaving my mom, and for years he never wanted to tell

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