My Passion For Basketball

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I first broke my finger when I received a pass playing basketball. I injured my knees for the first time because of basketball. I heard unpleasant comments about myself for the first time during a basketball game. I was 12. I gave up. I hated basketball. But I could never imagine that after a few years I would lead my high-school basketball team as its captain.
Sharing the story, my passion for basketball began 3 years ago, when I moved from a little town to the capital city. I was very shy, reserved and my confidence was very low, because it was my first time in such a big and bustling city. I did not have any friends and it despaired me, triggering the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness. I was searching for something to encourage me …show more content…

There was a moment when my teammate was reluctant to play in a serious game because he had a deadline in Kazakh history class. Then I told his teacher how important this guy is for the team and convinced her to consider his project later, but with an additional task of course. This way showed my teammate that every one matters and I will do my best to make sure our team succeeds.
Another significant thing is responsibility that I gained after organizing many games and tournaments. Our school did not play with other schools before because physical training teachers paid attention only to football and our coach was a professional wrestler, whereas basketball was neglected. I acquired great experience by talking to other schools’ captains and coaches, asking a permission from the school admission and gathering the teams. Finally, we had a game with another school. In spite of the fact that we lost with the difference of 26 points, my team was very glad to have this opportunity to compete with other teams who have the same interest.
The last thing that this game taught me is being consistent. Now I have a habit to get up early, be organized, punctual and responsible. Now I want to become a role model for others as I once had a person who inspired me. I understood it is important to have someone or something to push you forward despite existing challenges that may pull you down. I am grateful that in my life I met people who helped

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